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who is Lolipop® ?

The LoliPop® apple brand is a « Story Inored » variety developed by INRA that is naturally scab resistant.

LoliPop® was born from the collaboration of 8 French apple producers, the companies involved are: Pominter, Métral, Aurières, Guedj, Coopérative DLF, Société Terre de Pommes, La Cocinnelle and SICA Pomme Alpes.

LoliPop® is a unique apple Made in France, the production is based in South of France, more precisely in the following regions:

– Tarn et Garonne
– Vaucluse
– Isère
– Alpes de Haute Provence

LoliPop® is entirely produced under the « Vergers écoresponsables » charter that guarantees environmental sustainability and is certified by the IFS (International Featured Standard). However specific crops are produced organically under even higher environmental standards and are certified by the French and European organic labels. 

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